Monday, November 23, 2009

n=1, but I’m starting to believe there’s a correlation.

Very interesting, lets do an experiment. I just entered the graduate student library in my building. Its a lovely environment located on the 5th floor in a modified conference room.

Our place for short retreats from the lab, PI’s and undergrads (no offense to those of you undergrads actually reading this, for if your on these blogs you likely not the kind of undergrads we need a break from!).

So the experiment is how long will the sniveling Ms. Brown N. stay now that I came in? Since I left the lab, she historically would go to great lengths to avoid me. Now I have only “gut” feelings, so lets collect some data.

11:30 am I enter grad long till Ms. Brown N. leaves? tic tock, tic tock

11:34 am she starts playing with her she’s expecting a call, or has an appt.

11:41 she has stopped work all together and is staring at her computer or out the window.

11:57 I now have the library all to myself! The awesome power of CFS!

While this is a n=1, I’m very confident there is a trend. Further studies in progress!

From the deepest part in my soul, I am so happy she goes to great lengths to leave me alone. What a gift. If she could only have done this 3 years ago, life would have been SO much better. Furthermore, I’ve had to exude absolutely no energy in this avoidance process. Ok, likely not true since from the moment I walked in I’m sure I had this amused smirk on my face. Ha....but there is so much less energy in a pleasurable smirk than there is in pent up hostility....I’m sure there is data to support this idea too!

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