Friday, November 20, 2009

Inspired by a a great line used on me today; “I need a sarcasm detector app for my iPhone...”

Based on my blog following, by now everyone is familiar with Dr. Ass Hole. Even if you are not familiar with my PI, you certainly will know Dr. Ass Hole after I provide an example. So it’s time for another segment of “e-mail absurdity!”.

This gem was exchanged last July (There’s so many....lots of great material in my Dr. Ass Hole e-mail bag).

CFS to Dr. Ass Hole

I was hoping we could meet next week? I need to take tomorrow off and with the meeting lasting 2 hours today, I could use this time in the afternoon to maintain progress.

Dr. Ass Hole response:
Ok. Not meeting is not to your advantage in trying to get done soon, but its your call.

Ouch......CFS (I ask myself), did that hurt?
CFS’s sarcastic comeback: No worries, life is pain!!

Wine of the day: Something complex and spicy
Domaine Pegau Chateauneuf Du Pape Rouge, 2006

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