Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A good value day

Wine of the day:
Little Boomey Shiraz, 2006
Episode #762 - What wine pairs with Chicken nuggets

COLOR-dark; NOSE-a little nice blackberry; tight; some black cherry as well; PALATE-good intense fruit on the attack; a little pepper on the back-end; some graininess; meaty as well; not as thin and fake as I would have expected for a mass produced shiraz; not bad at all; nice strawberry flavor; very bright and a good value; GV-87.

While not the most productive day I did have a ‘....nice,....good value’ kind a day.


Totally broke till Friday. But upon rummaging the freezer this afternoon I found a Amy’s Cheese favorite! And for dinner, way in the back was a package of steaks that I bought sometime ago when they were on crazy sale. Awesome! So I didn’t have to spend a dime and had a good delicious tasting day.

The day had it’s dark moments too. I have been working in total isolation and am at a point where I really need someone to read my paper. So far I’ve not had one person read it. Same thing happened when I was writing my proposal for the NIH. I ended up submitting without one bit of feedback from anyone in my lab/department. Without my husband, I’m not sure how I’d do it, or continue to do it! Thankfully my husband is completely gifted when it comes to sexing up a story. He’s brilliant!

So, here I am again. I really NEED (want?) someone to read it from my field! I crave engagement!!!!

A recent post from Professor in Training (The importance of peers in grad school) is yet another example from which I can model, but what I wouldn’t do to experience it for myself. Just a reminder of the spiciness of my situation.

Desperate, I broke down and asked Wonderboy to read my draft yesterday. While his response contained ‘some graininess....and was a bit meaty...’ it wasn’t ‘thin and fake as I...expected...’.

As a finish, I had a GOOD friend day! Thank you for making me giggle!

Not bad at all....


  1. It would be less painful/humiliating if he was literally absent. Instead I’ve been ostracized. If my work wasn’t in such a specialized niche, there would be others for me to turn. But, our lab is the only one at our university doing this specific research.

    I should also say, that I've been out of his lab since this summer. I no longer really have a PI. On paper he still is, but I meet with no one anymore. No lab meetings ect. I have some bench space just a floor away from my old lab and its just me, myself and I!

    Hey....If it's just me, isn't that the same as being a PI? Where the fuck is the pay raise then? I'm getting screwed!!!!! At least I should be upgraded to faculty insurance....I could use the prescription coverage.

  2. Wait! Wut? I thought you are a grad student? Who is your thesis advisor, who is paying your salary, who is mentoring your scientific efforts?

  3. yeah....confuses me too. Yes, I'm a grad student. My PI and thesis advisor are the same person. I am self funded through a NIH fellowship. And I haven't been mentored in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time.

    Wish I was bragging, but it's too stupid of a thing to brag about....But short of some good guidance from our lab tech. and some molecular skills I picked up as a undergrad, I have taught myself EVERYTHING and written EVERYTHING completely on my own. My PI didn't even read my NIH proposal before I sent it in. Fine except the ass hole never even wrote me a proper letter of rec. When I got my reviews back they stated that they were applaud that he wrote me a letter of rec for a TRAVEL GRANT!!!! Stupid fuck head!