Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meeting follow up

It went well. Yes, I have a draft that could be published as is. But we (the mediator and ) both know Dr. Ass Hole will come back with "feedback". Generally speaking, I'm thrilled to get feedback. I crave real feedback....bring on the feedback!

But let me give you an example of the kind of feedback I usually get:

E-mail from Dr. Ass Hole

...Authorship issues:

Given the amount of data on the G&D paper (6 pieces of data from you in the G&D paper, of 30 total in Table I), I find it appropriate that you are a second author.

I look forward to hearing from you soon on these issues.

Dr. Ass Hole

My thoughts: Yeah, he can't even count. Ok,lets count the 130 strains that I did make. verify and test that he chose not to put into the paper. Compared to everyone else's 10 to 20 strains made. It's like a lottery. also rigged because one strain I tested is the keystone of the manuscript. I tested this strain first. It was ignored by the lab. ~6 mo. later it comes up again in the literature. I remind them that I tested and saw a change. "oh...I guess that was not clear...." Fuck off, you didn't listen!

So I test it again. Shocker, it's phenotype is what I said it was.
Wow, says Dr. Ass Hole, Awesome...hey guys lets have Ms. Brown N. give this a look in her assay.


Blah, blah...more shit. But the crazy part happened today. As if crazy haven't happened before. But it can get really stupid really fast.

So I'm told by the mediator that Ms. Brown N. has taken full credit for a discovery I made in the lab, that is the BIG discovery! What? She wrote in her brief for her commiettee meeting the other day that "I was the first to do...and the first to show...."

Again, WTF? I have email documentation after I did these experiments between Dr. Ass Hole and Ms. Brown N. They both are "thrilled" about my result.

Now I'm bumped from proper authorship, and I no longer played any fucking role in the science that led our lab to this point.

Bone details of today's meeting:
1. Dissertation in by next Friday. Ok, shouldn't be too much of an issue.
2. I'm already past the dead line with the graduate college, so I wont be officially graduating till May. I'm actually happy about this. Provides the time needed to find a post doc position.
3. I am planning my defense for February. Which is great on the one hand, but on the other I wonder why I don't want to defend...truth is to have all of those people in a room looking at me knowing 1) I got fucked and 2) smirking about it.....well this will not be my proudest day.

here's to sucking it up and REALLY hoping I find a post doc position that will allow me to love the science again!

Wine of the day

2007 Madonna Alta Pinot Noir 750ML

One of the few Italian Pinot Noirs I have tried in my time as a wine enthusiast. That being said, I felt the wine had the three "S's." Softness, Silkiness, and Sexiness! Subtle cherry notes with great fresh expression. Relaxed tannins and a lengthy finish, super for it's price point. One of the most difficult varietals to find true value in, but this wine smashes that stereotype. A great Umbrian Pinot that drinks way above it's price point...who knew?!


  1. I just found your blog recently, so I don't know a lot about your circumstances (aside from the fact that you seem to have a true cockweaseldouchemonkey for an adviser). You may have considered this previously, but if your university has a grad student affairs office, ombudsman, or academic/ethics arbitration committee, it might be time to get them involved. This type of intervention carries a burden of proof (emails, dated notebooks, raw data, etc.). A postdoc (who did PhD in Europe) in my current lab had problems with PhD adviser and a conflict over authorship. S/he took documentation to university's arbitration committee, and the committee ruled in favor of the student, requiring PI to change authorship on the manuscript. The flipside is that you will alienate the parties on the opposite side (in your case, Dr A and Ms Brown N), but it seems that has happened already. If this is an option and you feel you have sufficient evidence, perhaps you should talk with a trusted mentor (perhaps your mediator) about pursuing more official action.

  2. Thank you very much. I have looked into options. Just wish I didn't have to! Thanks for checking in!

  3. It definitely sucks. IMO, you shouldn't have to deal with this sort of shit. Best of luck.